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October 1st, 2010 by Don Walker

Sorry, I’ve been out of touch for the last 6 weeks or so. I have been slammed preparing a small college’s track program to compete @ Collegiate Track Nationals and working on preparing to launch the *brand*new* Don Walker Cycles website!

All in all, I am pleased with the results of both! Since you are already here, here’s what happened at Track Nats;

Lindsey Wilson College took 6 riders who had raced on the track 3 times or less in their lives and 3 who had 10 races or less under their belts and 3 who were cat 3 or better and ended up 8th out of 29 teams.

We had Pro BMX racer Danny Caluag competing in the 200m and he qualified for the sprint rounds, posting an 11.735 for his qualifying time, seeding him 15th out of 18. Whats amazing about this is the fact, it was only his 3rd 200m time trial ever. This kid has talent and has already been offered to be coached by former BMX Pro turned trackie, Jamie Staff.
Danny also clocked a 1:16 Kilometer for his first ever Kilo. He shows he can do it all, making him very, very desirable to have on your team.

We had Columbus Ohio native Brooke Crum place 12th in the women’s points race, 6th in the sprints and 12th in the 500m tt. She is a DW “factory” rider.

The big surprise came from the 4 some of Kip Spaude, Filip Capala, Christopher Bogedin and William Gates Jr. who team pursuited their way to a Bronze Medal! I will pat myself on the back for coming up with their schedule and shouting out splits, but hey, who wouldn’t?

Anyhow, with Collegiate Track Nationals over, I have decided to take my coaching and involvement in teaching the young riders to a new level. I have decided to pursue a USAC coaches certification. I think I have a lot of knowledge I can pass on to the next generation.

Anyhow, back to making bikes!