November 4th, 2011 by Don Walker

This is just a quick update for those of you wanting to know the status of your bikes.

We began moving a week ago yesterday, and it became quite the monumental task. Apparently, I own too much crap. I don’t mean crap as in too much stuff I never use and can get rid of, I mean crap as in I just own too much stuff and I have to refer to owning this much stuff as beyond the normal limits of stuff one should own, so it therefor became crap. And with the help of a few friends, we moved four crap loads from my former residence and shop to our new digs in Buckner, KY (just outside of Louisville).

By my count, my crap is about 6 tons in weight, machinery included….

Anyhow, enough about crap.

I still have two more trip to make to clear out the shop. One trip of light stuff, stuff like tubing, frames, components and racks and the last will be the machinery. I hope to have this done by this time next week so I can start the shop organization.

As expected, I figured I would be unable to start fabrication until late November and that is still a reality.  Its going to take some time to get the machinery set up and dialed in, and then I can get back at the bench and get your bikes built.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding!