Thinning the herd…

December 3rd, 2011 by Don Walker

Ok, like every good herd, there’s a few stragglers at the back. In this case, there’s some perfectly good machinery and a bike fit system sitting in the back of my garage and shed that could be easily picked off if you are the (bargain) hunter.

Since we have moved to our new home in Buckner, KY, I have less room for bike making and this means some of my stuff has to leave so I can make room to get back to building bikes.

Up first is my beloved Atlas Horizontal Mill. This was owned by my good friend Frank Messenger before I bought it when he retired. (DON’T tell him I am selling it, he would be heartbroken!) It comes with a nice wood/metal stand and lots of cutters and a vice. This machine runs like new! But wait, thats not all, if you act now, you’ll get a spare parts machine. Its 90% complete, only missing the pulley arm and belts. I would prefer you pick this up. I can help load into your truck, van or trailer.

Asking $1,000 for all.


Next up is a US Burke Horizontal Mill. Its in decent shape for the age, I’m guessing its 1950’s or early 60s in vintage. Machines like this are great because they were built to last.

I used it less than 20 minutes a week for the 2 years I have owned it. Runs great! This weighs somewhere in the 1200 pound range, so if you want to arrange shipping, the carrier will need a lift gate and pallet jack. Its strapped to the pallet and ready for pickup!

Asking $750

Lastly, I have my 4 year old Waterford Fit Master bike fit system.  SOLD!

This thing sat in my shop for 3 years and saw two butts sit on it. To say it was never used is kind of an understatement. I’ll even throw in the manual and 2 seatposts. I would prefer that someone picked this up, as I don’t want to disassemble and pack it.  Sorry for the crappy pic, its in the back of my shed (like I said, I ran out of room…)

Asking $1000. SOLD!


Thats all for this time. I expect to re post a bunch of my surplus bikes again shortly.

Thanks for reading,