The NAHBS “Crunch” and stuff.

February 17th, 2012 by Don Walker

Its two weeks til NAHBS. My nerves are on edge however, I am calm. I am finding an inner peace this year. Something that I can say that I have not had much of in years past. Sure, the early years I was a mess. A virtual stress ball, one might say. For some reason, well, a few reasons, I feel mellow.

Usually, I wait until December to start building the bikes that I will show in late February or early March at NAHBS. This year, I was still setting up shop in December from the move south to Kentucky. It took me a long time to get my shop set back up and organized, much longer than I had originally anticipated.  Anyhow, during the first show build, a retro influenced European/British Stayer bike, I slipped walking  on my back deck on the way into the shop and went down like a sack of potato’s. While I was laying on the ramp/deck, I knew by the way I went down that it was bad, I just didn’t know how bad, exactly.  My left ankle was swollen pretty bad and hurt like there was no tomorrow.

Ex-Rays at the Urgent Care clinic confirmed that I indeed had a hairline fracture on the outside of my ankle. Damn. Nothing like crappy timing to mess with getting show bikes done. I ended up in a walking cast, but, was really in too much pain and the ankle was too swollen to be up and around for the first few days. It ended up taking me a lot longer to complete this bike than normal, but when you see the bike you will understand.

Anyhow, due to my little accident, I am relying on showing customers bikes, and only 1 “show bike”, even though it is “sold”.

So the calmness, despite the chaos I was enduring, is me feeling more at peace with not having to hustle to get more bikes done.  I am good with that. I am not having to stay up late working on bikes or anything and might actually feel better knowing that I shouldn’t put undue stress upon my shoulders by attempting to crank out bikes. Whew. Feels good.

Now, onto the “Stuff” portion of the post.

Don Walker Cycles Racing; That is the new name of the team. Rio Blanco Racing is no more.  Why? Because when I left Indy, I no longer had the White River just a couple miles from home. The team took a vote and decided to change the name.

One last thing; if you are considered an “Elite” Cross racer who’s looking for a new team, a new bunch of friends and support from a framebuilder who considers you a family member, feel free to email me. The caveats are that you will be required to race the Cinci 3 and Derby Cup races as well as the rest of the USGP Cross schedule, that you have a positive attitude and a good reputation in the Cross community. This opportunity is for 2 men and 1 woman. Email me at don at donwalkercycles dot com with your palmares in word or pdf format. All inquiries will get a response (most likely after NAHBS, when things have calmed down)

Thanks for reading. Look for updates while I am at NAHBS!