That Spring “Thing”…

May 25th, 2012 by Don Walker

Its a gorgeous time of year; The grass is growing, the flowers are blooming, the tree’s all have their leaves and the temperature’s are mild to warm which is a great time to ride your bike. That being said, this is just another one of my ever-so-subtle-as-a-train-wreck reminders that if you want a new bike in the spring, you should get your deposit in by the fall. My queue has been slowly but surely expanding since I’ve made the move to Louisville and I’d love to be the guy that makes your bike, but, these bikes don’t just magically appear. There’s a lot more than meets the eye when I make you a bike. Its not just labor with the tubes and torch, its much, much more of a detailed, intensive process. Let me explain;

Sure, making the actual frame may only take 20-30 hours of physical labor, but, there’s many other time consuming portions of the process. There’s the consultation, the fit, deciding which gruppo, fork, saddle, bars and pedals you want to hang on your new bike, deciding on a color scheme, not to mention the decal options to choose from. There’s also the time I spend sourcing all these parts and shipping, unpacking and organizing them on the shelf for when your bike come back from the painter. Also, I have to do all the little machining jobs on the frame; Inspect and alignment check, ream, face, chase and such. Oh, I forgot about the paint process. Boxing your steed and shipping to the painter, where it may take up to 3 weeks (or sometimes longer depending on how many bikes he has to paint) to get your paint perfect before he has to box it up and ship it back. Once its back, we gently and lovingly assemble the bike after a thorough inspection to make sure we didn’t miss anything through this process. Plus, we even go through a final fit with you on the bike to make sure you are comfortable, efficient and happy with the finished product.

So, this whole spring “thing” becomes quite a process and as I mentioned above, I’d love to make a bike for you, but this process takes time. Please plan ahead, because there is nothing I dislike more than having to tell someone that I can’t make their bike immediately because they didn’t realize my process and my queue’s length.

The following pics are of folks who took or are taking delivery in the spring. I’d love nothing more than for you to be on this list for next spring!