1 year later!

October 24th, 2012 by Don Walker

Over a year ago, I embarked on a mission of sorts. I had put up with enough of the “small town politics” and shenanigans of Speedway, Indiana and figured it was time for a change.  This change would ultimately prove to be exactly what I needed. Let me explain.

Once I was determined to leave Speedway and my shop at 1432 Main St., the search began for a new location, not only for my shop, but a new house. A place where we could hang our helmet and call it “home”.  My first idea was to head to Rock Hill, SC as they were getting a brand new velodrome. I’m sure you already know about my passion for track cycling, but this is where I feel “divine intervention” plays a part. You see, I had a couple of friends from Louisville on my team and they suggested I take a closer look at Louisville. Hey, I had been to “The Ville” before on business and really liked the vibe. Its a warm and friendly city and for lack of better terms, its “centrally located”. So Lesley and I packed up a weekends worth of clothing and headed down to check it out a bit closer. We drove through The Highlands. We looked around in NuLou. We ate. We drank. We fell in love with this town. It was at that point that I decided it was okay to “not live somewhere without a velodrome” and we set out on a mission to find a house.  Since the school system in The Ville is a bit “different”, we opted to move just east into Oldham County. (Now, when I say “different”, I mean that you could live in your dream home, in your dream neighborhood, across the street from a school, and still have to put your child on a buss to go to a different school in a different area of town. Yeah, its kinda odd…) Anyhow, the home search wasn’t an easy one. I needed a shop on the property. There was no way I wanted to do the whole lease a shop just to make bikes again. The availability of such homes is next to nothing.  I was also looking for 4 Bedrooms. That narrows the search down even more.  What I found was a 3 bedroom, with a second 2 car garage. Hey, close enough! I’ll make that work. The house really ended up being our dream home. It has a huge kitchen area and works well for overnight guests, too.

Escrow closes and oh boy. I have to move everything I own 125 miles south.  That was an adventure in itself, one that went on for over a month!  Our first night in the new home was October 30th, 2011. Anyhow, I have been rambling about all this other stuff and I’d like to get back on topic.

During my 1 year here, many things have happened in my life and this really should be a recap of all that.

I said I was going to lose a bunch of weight prior to the move. Well, that didn’t exactly happen. I broke my ankle in January slipping off of my back porch. Recovery took a while and I finally did start riding in May. Since I live in the hills, the first month or two was pretty rough on me.

My friends that talked me into moving here, Melinda and JC got married and yours truly got to officiate the ceremony. Hey, I have enough time at the alter, I am pretty sure I could do a decent job… Bonus, I got to wear my kilt! (btw,  I call them “Jelinda”, Louisville’s newest “power couple”. You can, too!)  They are the real reason we are here and if you know them and enjoy having me here in The Ville, shake their hands or give them a hug. If you don’t like me being here, throw two day old bagels at them and shun them publicly. (No, really, don’t do that to my friends.  I was only joking!)

My small racing team blossomed after moving here. It went from 5 or 6 riders to a roster of 18. We’ve got coverage in all disciplines, Road, Track, MTB and Cross, but the main concentration is on Cross. We’ve had some great luck, too with a couple of wins in the OVCX series and lots of good showings.I started racing Cross again, after a 30 year absence from it. Yeah, I’m still slow, but I am still carrying 100 pounds more than I did when I raced way back when, but the weight is coming off!

I’ve made some of the best friends in one year than I think I ever could. Moving here, in short, was the best decision of my life. I only hope the next year is even better!

Thanks for reading.