Looking for a few good Trackies…

December 24th, 2012 by Don Walker

Just like the title says, I am interested in having a few riders join my track team.

There are a few tid-bits you’ll want to understand before you fire off your race resume or palmares, and they are as follows;

1. You’ll PAY for your frame. It will be discounted (heavily) from my usual price, but make no mistake, you’ll pay unless you have stars and bars to your credit.( and even then, that still may not be enough for “free”)

2. I am only looking for responsible, well behaved riders. If you have a hair trigger, thin skin and love drama, don’t bother. I only want professional attitudes with a great work ethic and the ability to be a part of a TEAM.

3. I’m looking for youth… i.e., U23 to develop as a team and race at Nationals and other regional calendar races, so you should preferably live in the Midwest.

What I expect from you;

1. You need to show up at every race, not every third race. And by showing up, I mean ready to race and perform your best.

2. Talk. This means about your bike and how it fits, rides and performs. This doesn’t mean sell, but help educate those around you about how my bike fits better, rides better and performs better.

Pretty simple, huh?

If you are serious about making this kind of commitment, feel free to email me at don at donwalkercycles dot com and put “track team” in the subject.

The fine print; mass start riders are preferred, but I can accept one (1) dedicated sprinter/kilo rider. You’ll receive product support from my team sponsors. Women are welcome.

I look forward to hearing from you.