Holy CR@P! Its a new blog post!

January 25th, 2013 by Don Walker

Its been a while. Oh blog, how I have neglected you so.

Well, the wait is over for a new post. But, its only  quick one.

I just so happened to find out one of my team riders is quite a good photographer.  Since I left Indy in October of  ’11, I hadn’t done much to take quality pics of my bikes.  I mean, honestly, I have been busy building bikes, but I hadn’t taken any studio shots since the move. Well, I am here to tell you that those days are over.

Meet Nathan Roberson. Nathan is this guy here in flight. DW press--5


Nathan is one of those guys you like having around. He’s very intelligent and a perfectionist.  He’s super energetic and loves to ride and race bikes. He comes from a BMX background and over the years has adapted to road, cross and MTB very well. Anyhow Nate-O, as we like to call him, has become the new *official* Don Walker Cycles Photographer and Bicycle Build Documentarian (impressive title, huh?) and here’s a sneak peek at his debut pictorial.  Enjoy!



DW JC max (sm)-1DW JC max (sm)-3DW JC max (sm)-5DW JC max (sm)-10