Some folks gotta ruin a good thing….

March 26th, 2013 by Don Walker

Ok, well, my blog might not be that “good” of a thing, but a thing none-the-less. And you know what? Its my thing.

But there are folks out there with nothing better to do than to make comments on my blog, which I moderate to make sure nothing inappropriate makes it way to you, my readers and readerettes, and you know what?  99% of those comments are SPAM.

That being said, its a sad day when I have to tell you, the readers of my little slice of DW opinion heaven, that I am closing the comments once and for all.

Yeah, I know, I know. Most folks either have the comments closed on their blogs, or they would rather spend a bunch of time moderating them.  Well, I have finally read enough SPAM comments along the likes of “Make money stuffing envelopes” or “Russian Brides want to meet YOU!” and the ever popular “We can cut your mortgage rate in HALF!”

Look a**holes, if I wanted a new job, a Russian Bride or a lower mortgage, I would use flipping google.  For the record, I am not calling you, my dear reader who hangs on my every word, an a**hole. I am calling the losers who waste your time, my time and anyone with an email inbox or blog capable of having comments an a**hole.

I cannot fathom how crappy their life must be that this is the only way that they are able to communicate with the world or that this is the only job they are qualified for. I take solace in knowing or understanding that if they know this much about spamming that they must (but not likely) have two brain cells to rub together and at least one of those must be socially awkward or something.

At any rate, the comments will be closed as soon as I can figure out how to do it.

In the meantime, feel free to comment about the following pic. I’ll allow just about any comment as long as its NOT SPAM or negative or any BS like that.

Enjoy your last opportunity!