Thank God its May!

May 1st, 2013 by Don Walker

After what started off as a great April with a trip to Charlotte, NC, site of the 2014 NAHBS and Myrtle Beach, SC, my month really went to crap in a hurry. In fact, I think the April of 2013 has been the worst one in my 46 years.

I’ll spare you some of the details, but for lack of better terms, I am going through some personal issues in my life.

The first issue I faced was that after 15 years, I lost my best friend Elwood. I had to put Elwood down on April 15th.  His last morning here was spent with me in our backyard. I fed him pancakes for breakfast and laid with him until the Veterinarian had given me the news that his heart had quit beating and that he was at peace.  It was one of the hardest moments of my life. He’s been the first dog of my adult life that I have had raised from a pup to full maturity and had to put him down.The last week or so of his life, he was in pain, weakening from not eating and his arthritic hips wouldn’t allow him to walk very well. It was his time.

Its been very tough to deal with this loss. I am crying now as I type this and its been just over two weeks.

The next issue I am facing will be revealed soon enough, but its taken the wind out of my sails for the moment.

Now, I’d like to take this time to let the few of you who read this as customers and not as a casual outside observers to let you know this; When I am in deep distress in my personal life, I will not make your bike. I know enough about my ability to focus and what my shortcomings are to not be comfortable in fabricating until I am past the issue causing me grief, sadness or despair. I owe it to you, my customer, to give you the very best bike I can deliver and that’s exactly what I will do. Now that I feel I am moving past that tipping point, I am able to devote 100% attention to your bike. I am back in the shop fabricating again, but, I now have to take a week to go to California to see my mom who isn’t doing too well.

I sincerely apologize for the month of April bringing me to my knees, but as they say “when you get knocked down, you find a way to get back up stronger” and that’s exactly what I am doing, getting stronger. And hey, its now May.

Thanks for reading.


Always Photobombing my bike pics... Elwood T. Dawg 1998 - 2013

Always Photobombing my bike pics…
Elwood T. Dawg
1998 – 2013