Spring, ahem, er, Summer Cleaning Sale!

June 16th, 2014 by Don Walker

This is the first post of a few that are long overdue with just some of the goodies I have for sale. Some great stuff for pennies on the dollar!

Before we get all excited, let me get this out of the way; CASH OR PAYPAL ONLY.  (oh, and don’t ask to wire me money, or if I take cashier’s checks, or if I can send your cousin in Nigeria the bike and some cash leftover from your Money Order.)

Anyhow, if you are interested in any of these, email me at Don at donwalkercycles dot com





Pics 1/2;  My 2009 Richard Sachs. its a 60×59.5 lugged with PegoRichie Tubing.  Its currently built with SRAM Red, but I’d prefer to seel as frameset only. Get this, it has a grand total of 5 miles.  That’s not a typo. 5 total miles (or less, even!) I’d really like to keep this bike, but I have an unexpected expense coming up and it just doesn’t get ridden like it should. Last I heard, Richie is charging $4800 for frameset, this one is yours for $4200 and I’ll even pack it up and ship it to the lower 48 included in that price. If you want the gruppo, I’ll sell it minus wheels for $5000.

Pics 3/4;  Its labeled Eddy Merckx, but after looking up the serial number, or lack thereof, its a contract build for a team that was riding the Merckx brand.  Its Columbus Max, lugged (1 inch steerer) and 60×61 top and does have a little ding on the toptube, but hey, with a good repaint, it’ll never be visible.  Asking $350, NO FORK. (But I could make you one for another $250 that could be painted to match.

Pics 5/6/7;  1983-84(?) LeConte Track bike. 54 CM. made in Japan at a well known NJS shop as a contract build.  Used for a season and then hung up in the garage. $850 (Ishiwata tubing)

Pic 8; One of mine from the 90s. 56cm x2, lugged BB shell but fillet brazed with Allstate #11 (Nickel Silver) out of Reynolds 731 OS.  It was powdercoated (the WRONG color) and then painted over with a flame job.  1 inch steer column on a generic carbon fork. $750

Pic 9 2010  Cinelli Zydeco Cross frameset. Its a leftover from my shop in Speedway. Its a L or XL, whichever comes with e 57.5 toptube.  A little shop wear on this Aluminum CX bike. Light and nimble, or so I am told. Would make a great B bike for on the cheap. They retailed for $1300, asking $795.

Pic 10 Another leftover from my shop, 2010 56 cm DeRosa Avant Carbon Road bike. Built w SRAM Red, Stella Azzurra cockpit and wheels.  This bike retailed at $5200 back then. Asking $2900, firm.

Pic 11. Yet another leftover, a 2010 DeRosa Avant Carbon Road framset in sloping geometry with a 53.5 toptube. Retail was $2195, asking $1000 firm.

Pic 12. Yet another leftover, a 2010 Cinelli Willin SL Carbon Road frameset. Compact geometry with a 53 toptube.  Retail was $1995.  Asking $900 firm