DWC Merchandise:


What more needs to be said? Hang it on a cow or shake it at bicycle racers, either way is fine. Laser etched onto a 6 inch (and very loud) cowbell. Perfect for Cross Season or any bike race you please.

$19.95 each + 4.95 shipping


Do you know?

Do you know who built your bicycle? If its a Don Walker Cycles bike, you certainly do!
100% pre-shrunk cotton Anvil T shirt with silk screened question on front and DWC logo on the back.

$15.00 each + 4.95 shipping


DWC Flask

A high quality 6 ounce Stainless Steel flask with the DW Logo laser etched on the front. Show your pals how classy you are in the parking lot after your long ride when you break this beauty out. No contents included!

$17.95 each + 2.95 shipping


DWC Team Socks

DW Team Issue socks. These “Halloween” colored beauties crafted by Verge are ridden by Don Walker Cycles/Rio Blanco Racing team members and are as comfy as any sock to go in a cycling shoe. Goes perfect with your new Don Walker made bicycle! I should be a foot/sock model, huh?

$7.95 pair + 2.95 shipping.


Made In Speedway

How fast are they, really? Don Walker Cycles bikes are so fast, even Indy 500 drivers ride ’em! But, they are handmade in Speedway, Indiana, which makes all the difference! Pre-shrunk Gildan t with just the logo on the front.

$12.00 each + 4.95 shipping


Scotch Glass

The Don Walker Scotch Glass. For the cyclist who also has discerning taste off the bike. This Libby 8 ounce “rocks” glass is lovingly etched with the Don Walker Scotch Logo commemorating 20 years of Don Walker Cycles. Bottle of Scotch not included.

$6.00 each + 4.95 shipping
$24.00 set of four with free shipping


Your Mom….

You have good taste in bicycles. So does your mom. In fact, she digs my bikes. Be the envy of every cyclist (and their mother) in this Brown Anvil T Shirt. “Your Mom” on the front, The DW Logo on the back.

$15.00 each + 4.95 Shipping.