DW Riders: Allie Dragoo

I’ve been pretty lucky to get a sponsor for road and track racing, thanks to Don Walker and Don Walker Cycles. I didn’t even own a bike at school last year, I was borrowing one. Don told me he would sponsor me for both disciplines and I accepted the great offer.

This is my first full year of road and track racing and I think it is one of the best things ever. I was very fortunate to get a sponsor and ride very nice bikes that are custom for me and getting to choose the colors.  For my road bike is blue fade to black and my track bike is red, I have gotten many compliments about my bikes that I ride.

This summer was my first time racing and riding on my DW bikes. My road bike was first to be finished, when I got it, I started adding on the miles right away. The track bike came a little later and when I took it to the velodrome I could not even sit down because as soon as I walked in people were like, “look at that thing!” People around me thought it was a pretty bike and nicely built.

This fall, I was able to ride in the National Championship for Marian University where we took the overall national title and I was proud to be riding my Don Walker bike to help my team get to the top spot.

Thanks Don!