I’m dropping this note to you to thank you for the awesome machine you have crafted for me. When we met at your NAHBS booth at Portland and I saw some of the stunning work you do( especially the track tandem!), I was hooked and decided I needed to be racing on a custom crafted track bike again. As a Service Manager at a large bike shop I obviously have access to a good number of brands to get a track bike from, including a few customs options. But the pull of getting someone with track racing experience and knowledge of how a track bike should behave is what finally drew me in your direction. The absolutely gorgeous work you do in my favorite medium of steel really helped too.

In the past I have had a Paramount, 2 custom Waterfords, an Erickson, and a Bianchi. I’ve also had the opportunity to really test out a Look KG496, BT Stealth, Specialized S-Works, and a few others. Of all of these, my new steed feels to be the blend of all of the best features of the above bikes. You have managed to blend, stiffness, quick but stable handling, and smoothness all in to one place. I have had the chance to test it out at the track on a few training sessions, and now have 2 weeks of racing on her to confirm that my feelings are not just new toy syndrome. I think above all else the handling is what strikes me as being the magical part. While the frame is indeed very stiff( had a GREAT start off the line in my chariot race last week), it’s the fact that it is so easy to maneuver around yet still be stable enough to hold a straight line when you are deep in the pain cave and can barely hold yourself on the bike. Most of my bikes in the past have been very quick handling but have been hard to hold on the black line when late into those long points race. Your frame makes this an easy thing to do and allows one to just concentrate on making it hurt!

Finally, and I think importantly it’s very comfortable to ride. I ride a fairly folded over and compact position and that puts a lot of force through my back. On my some of my previous bikes I’d finish the evening with a pretty sore back and set of kidneys from the pounding of the track surface. With my Walker, it is far, far less severe than it was on the Bianchi I had been racing the past 3 seasons on. Given the fact that I’m 41 and racing in the Cat 1/2 field here at Marymoor against a fleet of young, fast legs, any help in making my life a little less painful and more focused on putting power to the pedals is a great help.

Attached is a photo of the bike with my parts on it, since she looks a little different that when you showed her off at NAHBS this year.

Thank you very much for taking a collection of steel tubes and forging me a weapon of speed that is exactly what I was looking for in a frame!