DW Riders: Pete Van Riper

Hello Don,

My first thought was…Whoa! as the bike almost shot out from under me on the first downward push of the cranks.

My second thought was…Yozers! It felt like I was riding compressed tubes of air. The frame was so well engineered, and so stiff, I felt like I was floating on top of the road while hitting and holding top end speeds without a max effort.

My third thought, after the Custis Trail test, was that this was not a nice bike at all…It’s a super bad racing bike. Custis Trail is 4ish miles of narrow twisting short steep hills with blind curves and pavement knotted up by tree roots. The bike blazed up the hills like a rocket was strapped to the top tube, handled the twists and turns like it was riding on rails, and sprinted out of the corners up to top speed with frightening efficiency. I already own this trail, now, with the new bike, I’ll start charging rent.

The final test was the Civil War Century, a 7000+ elevation gain century in the Catoctin Mountains. Every once of hill climbing torque went right into the road and the bike and I glided up the long hills, practically lapping the field on the first 7ish mile climb at the start of the ride.

The fit, the service and the follow up by Don have all been stellar. Don made me a bike that is 100% my bike, both in my body geometry and personality make up.

Pete Van Riper