DW Riders: William "Captain" Kirk Robinson

Why a Don Walker? Simple, he gets it. When I decided to order up my track bike I had a very good idea about what I wanted. I have been cycling for just shy of 20 years, and have a great deal of racing, fitting and mechanical experience. That being the case, I basically just sent him my numbers and said “go”. What really impressed me were the slight revisions Don proposed to the head tube angle and fork rake to better match up with the fairly long top tube I needed. The result was the best handling track bike I have ever tossed a leg over.

It’s no surprise that the steel frame floats on the slightly bumpy surface at my home track (Marymoor), giving full confidence to put everything into the pedals and into the race. What manages to surprise, however, is just how much the bike wants to go, super-stiff and responsive under power.

Then there is the aesthetic factor. Beautiful, smoooooove welds, dreamy lines. It’s just scientific fact that a sexy coat of paint makes the bike faster. Fact!!! Jamie White delivered. At first glance my bike looks fairly classic with simple panels and a nice even coat of dark blue. When you go in for a closer look you can see the drifting nebulas and faint stars peeking through under the panels. Dubbed the NCC-1701, she flies true, even if the “Captain” spaces out from time to time.

William “Captain” Kirk Robinson