DW Riders: Zac Ford - The Pondering Cyclist

“I’ve seen a lot of tourists and bikes come through here since we’ve been open but this is definitely the most purpose built and perfect bike of them all.; look at that frame—those tubes—it looks like it could handle anything!” Rey Deveaux: Owner, Gearing Up, Taos New Mexico

A touring bike commands a different set of criteria than a racing bike, even a mountain bike. Don Walker, having never built anything at all like this, knew exactly what those requirements were. Being quite an accomplished builder of high-end track and road racing bikes, and more importantly track sprint tandems, I knew I could trust his judgment to build me a bike that could withstand the torture a fully-loaded, six-thousand mile tour could dish out.

It has since seen over twenty-two hundred miles of interstate, local pothole infested streets and some amazing dirt and gravel tracks that could hardly be called roads—all without fail. Nothing has broken, not a spoke or chain link, and I can cruise down the highway with my hands off the bars and 125 pounds of gear attached to the bike.

Now, I’m 6’5” tall with a 37” inseam and traditionally am not comfortable on longer rides yet Don looked at my measurements and created a frame that I can ride all day; over mountains, mesas, and deserts. 100 mile day, loaded down? No problem!

Day after day I can put in the miles comfortable in the thought that I am sailing down the road, stretched out and comfy. It’s stable, soaks up the bumps and is as perfect as I think is possible. I wouldn’t dream of taking any other bike on a trip such as this. It might have been Don’s maiden voyage into the realm of touring bikes yet he hit the nail square on the head!

Thanks, Don, you’ve got a customer for life!
Zac Ford- The Pondering Cyclist