How to Order


A $500 non-refundable deposit gets you in queue.


Discussion of what you want in your bike’s performance and aesthetics.


A personalized session can be done, or if you are a more advanced cyclist, you can give me your contact points and I will determine your best fit.

Frame design

A BikeCAD drawing will be made with the measurements that are pre- determined. At this time, we will go over tube diameters, geometry, bike handling characteristics and even paint design.

Tube selection

I will hand select each tube in your frame, based on our consultation.


I will cut, miter, fit, braze and align the tubes that will comprise your new frame.


The clean up, sanding and finishing of the joints is done to ensure perfectly smooth fillets.


Reaming, facing, chasing and slotting of the seattube.


Sent to our painter who makes the frames look sexy.


The bike comes back from paint and is built up with the parts of your choice.


Just ride it!

Choose from quality tubing:

Build kits by: