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Challenge Yourself

Let's face it. Cycling is as hard as you want to make it. You can settle for commuting to work by bike or just ride around your neighborhood. Or you can push the limits of your comfort zone. Here at Don Walker Cycles, we were founded in pushing limits. We believe in being uncomfortable. We strive for outside the box challenges. You see? Once you issue that challenge to yourself, you either rise to the challenge or stay within your comfort zone.


We want each and every Don Walker Cycles owner, friend, fan, or newbie to go and challenge yourself. Rise to the occasion. We believe that everyone should have enough fire in their gut to branch out of their comfort zone. Do you commute to work? Challenge yourself to add a few miles on the way home daily. Try to beat your time. Are you a young road racer? Try a different type of racing to supplement your training. Never ridden more than 25 miles? Challenge yourself to do a century ride. There is something special about achieving those challenges. There is a moment of zen when you can stand tall and say, "I did that! I overcame all my obstacles and kicked butt!" That's what life is all about.


Challenge yourself! We will roll up our sleeves and put the best possible bike underneath you when you do. Send us pictures when you persevere. Remember, it didn't happen without pics.